This is not a fancy speaker, this is a cat litter box. Yep. Check again. It really is. And a beautiful one. One you want to put into you homes and apartments. You do all the work of making your home beautiful and cosy, why should a litter box not be part of all that. Why is the litter box always the weird looking object in the room. We wanted to create a gorgeous lifestyle cat litter box at a very competitive price. This is a litter box especially designed for the smaller living spaces.
The inspiration comes from all of the latest soft tech gadgets and smart products that integrate really nice into our lifestyle environment. A combination of soft looks and high end looks. Contemporary styling and use of soft materials and different options and combinations to match your style. We see a transition in the pet market towards lifestyle products and soft textures and materials.
The box consist of two parts, the upper part is ultra lightweight and easy to remove. That is the part you lift up to clean the litter box. The bottom part is very sturdy. To clean the box, just lift up the lightweight top part and you can access the bottom part very easily for optimal cleaning. On the inside of the side panels we integrated two really big carbon filters. The textile panels provide a constant airflow through the litter box, all going through the carbon filter, that means, not only more fresh air for you but also a better, healthier and nicer environment for the cat. And soft. So soft. Your cat will love it. And probably scratch it. A lot. No worry there. The felt covers are made for just that. There is plenty of replacement and styles to fit your taste and mood to match your interior and lifestyle. The side panels are click-on and can quickly be replaced by new panels and other styles.
This product is designed for the internet/flat shipping business. Most Pet product are really big and not optimal for shipping. This product folds up to a third of its volume for shipping and therefore helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the product. Another positive aspect to the modular/flat panel setup is that it also creates a cat litter box with several styling and finishing options and combinations to choose from.
In most cases a modular setup is not great for looks, one of the challenges was to create a very attractive soft looking cat litter box with a lot of styling options and still being able to fit it in a flat box. Cleaning the cat litter is not the most fun of jobs. We wanted the product to be handy in use and cleaning. Also a cat likes the privacy of a cover, but in most cases, that means that cleaning the box is really difficult. Just lift up the top part and start cleaning. The assembly of the box is done in minutes and the cleaning of the box is very easy. Just lift up the top part and start cleaning. This way you have easy access to the complete area to clean.
Thank you!
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